This is an updated Safari Download Manager 1.5.0-1 only applicable with iPhone & iPad jailbroken. Safari Download Manager is an extension that adds a powerful, highly-configurable download manager to your web browser. Like never before, you can take control over downloaded file types, and harness the true power of the network connection on your device.

  • Safari Download Manager not allow you to view your downloaded files. It's recommend installing iFile or another comparable file manager.
  • To locate your downloaded file you may see some instruction using iFile here.

New Features:

● iPad, iPhone4 support
● iOS4 support
● Ability to select your download
destination for each download anywhere inside “/var/mobile”!
● Default download directory changed to ~/Media/Downloads
● Ability to resume almost all downloads
● Ability to configure number of retries
● Ability to configure number of concurrent downloads
● Download list saved across Safari restarts, downloads continue in background and resume on restart if Safari ever closes
● Will not overwrite current files, renames to a non-clashing name (e.g. “File-1.mp3″)
● Ability to download files larger than 2GB
● Tap-n-hold downloading of images to disk
● Various performance improvements, bug fixes, improved stability, better memory management, etc

How To Install Cracked Safari Download Manager

Alternate Ways To Install:

Auto Installation

Ssh your iPhone. You may see instruction on how to install .deb file via SSH. And make a folder called AutoInstall in/var/root/Media/Cydia/ so you have /var/root/Media/Cydia/AutoInstall which is case sensitive and drop this debs file in the autoinstall folder, reboot and respring your iPhone.


Auto Installation Using i-FunBox

You may click here for easy way of auto installation using i-FunBox. Just use your USB cable!