The iPhone Dev team has released a browser-based jailbreak tool known as JailbreakMe that is capable to jailbreak all models of iPhone including iPhone 4, 3GS (both old and new bootrom) and 3G running on the latest version of iOS (i.e. 4.0 or 4.0.1). “Jailbreakme” is even simpler and more user-friendly than Spirit. It is so simple that I wonder if I still need to write a guide for it. For those who do not familiar with the jailbreak process, here is the step-by-step guide to show you the process.

Please read this before your take any further action:

  • JailbreakMe should also work with iPhone that has been jailbroken with blackra1n or Spirit. But before using JailbreakMe, please restore the iPhone to iOS 4.0 / 4.01 via iTunes.
  • JailbreakMe will not hacktivate your iPhone. Your iPhone should be activated before using the browser-based jailbreak tool. You can either purchase an official SIM card or simply borrow it from your friend to activate the iPhone.
  • Remember to backup all your iPhone data via iTunes. You can simply connect the iPhone to your computer and sync all the data. This step is crucial. In any case you are stuck in the jailbreak process, you can always restore your iPhone back to the original state.
  • Though JailbreakMe should work with iPhone OS v3.x, this guide is intended for those running iOS 4. So, I suppose you have upgraded to iOS 4.0 / 4.0.1. If not, please upgrade it via iTunes.
Step 1: As JailbreakMe is a browser-based jailbreak tool, no software download is required. All you need to do is to launch the mobile Safari on your iPhone and point it to http;// If the above link doesn’t work, you can also try out http;//
Step 2: Simply slide the “slide to jailbreak” slider to kick off the jailbreak process.

Step 3: The whole jailbreak process will take several minutes to complete. Once done, the tool prompts you that cydia has been added to your iPhone. Its done!..and enjoy!

Step 4: You need to unlock after jailbreaking...for iPhone 4, 3GS and 3G user, if you need to unlock the iPhone, you can launch cydia and install ultrasn0w. You can checkout my guide here how to unlock using Ultrasn0w.

TroubleShooting & Fixes

  • You may be stuck after you kick off the jailbreak process. In that case, you can simply reboot your iPhone and go through the whole process again. Usually, the jailbreak should work normally for the next trial.
  • If you are still stuck at the purple screen after reboot, Here are the procedures:

1. Go to Settings -> Safari and then tap “Clear Cache”. Tap again to confirm the cache clean up.

2. Tap “Clear History” to clean up the browser history

3. Tap “Clear Cookies” to clean up the cookies

4. After you clean up the browser cache/history/cookies, reboot the iPhone

5. Once rebooted, point the mobile Safari to and try again.. Good Luck!