FaceTime for Mac is now out of beta and FaceTime 1.0 has been released on the Mac App Store. It will ship with the new Macbook pros and owners of previous generation Macs can purchase it for $0.99. iPhone and iPod Touch users are already familiar with the ease of use when making FaceTime calls. We have been playing with the beta FaceTime for Mac and found it the easiest way to communicate.

FaceTime has already paved its way to iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4G and Macs. If you are into software tweaks you can even install it on your older iPad 1st gen and iPhone 3GS. In all probability we will see it on iPad 2 which is rumored to have two cameras just like the other iOS devices released in 2010. So far no word on a FaceTime app for Windows.

Facetime Features:

Simple to Get Started
• Setup is quick and easy – just enter your Apple ID.
• With just one click, you can make a video call to an iPhone 4, an iPod touch, or another Mac.

Easy-to-Organize Contacts
• Make calls using your existing Address Book contacts – you don’t have to enter your contacts from scratch.
• Add the people you call most often to your Favorites list.
• Quickly review your past calls with Recents.

High-Definition Video
• Receive HD video calls at up to 720p on supported, Intel-based Macs.*
• A Mac with a standard-definition camera delivers up to VGA-quality video for Mac-to-Mac calls.

Elegant Interface
• Window and playback controls fade away so the focus stays on your conversation.
• View transitions smoothly when an iPhone 4 or iPod touch user switches from front to rear cameras or from portrait to landscape views.
• FaceTime’s widescreen aspect ratio makes it easy for families and groups to participate in a call.
• Enjoy your video call full screen, using every inch of your beautiful Mac display.

Ring Anywhere, Any Time
• Incoming calls ring on your Mac, even if FaceTime isn’t running.
• If you have more than one Mac, incoming calls ring on every one so you can answer on the Mac that’s most convenient.

You can purchase FaceTime for Mac for $.99 from the Mac App Store by hitting link here.