Thanks for the great design of Winterboard. If you have basic Javascript / HTML knowledge, you can easily create your own Winterboard theme. Here there is Winterboard called “Rotating Wallpaper”, that allows you to select a total of six photos that will be rotated in every 15 seconds. The theme is quite primitive and more features (like fading effect) will be added later. In order to use rotating wallpaper your iPhone must be jailbreak first. You can check out on how to unlock and jailbreak iPhone 2G here.

Install Rotating Wallpaper Via Disk Aid

The theme is freely for download and you can install it via DiskAid. Download theme here and and follow the procedures mentioned in "How To Install WinterBoard Theme Using Disk Aid"

Custom With Your Own Photos

You’re free to replace the default photos with your own for the rotating wallpapers. After you decompress the theme package, go to the “Private” folder. All wallpaper images can be found there. Just copy your own photos and replace them. But make sure you should have the correct filename and the image should be best with width of 320 pixels and length not shorter than 460 pixels.

After replacement, you can just copy the “Rotating Wallpaper” folder to “/Library/Themes” folder on iPhone. Then launch Winterboard and select the “Rotating Wallpaper”, followed by clicking Home button to activate it.


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