With the new iPhone OS 3.0 features, Apple finally announced cut, copy and paste, which is the most wanted features on iPhone. Cut, copy and paste looks pretty easy using finger.

Let’s use Mail application as example. To copy, simply double-tap on any word or block of text. iPhone will then highlight the word or paragraph for you to copy. Tap the copy button to save the selection into clipboard. To paste the text, double-tap again and iPhone will let you paste back the text. You can use the same way to copy & paste text in Notes application. Thats cool and simple way to use it.

The amazing things is that you will be able to do copy & paste in Safari. Just tap and hold onto the paragraph of text you want to copy. iPhone will intelligently highlight the paragraph to copy. So, you want to select two paragraphs? Simple drag the dot down and select another paragraph. When it’s done, tap Copy button to copy the text. Copy & paste works across applications. So, you may switch back to Mail or Notes application and paste the text.

The coolest way ever is you can undo paste. Shake your iPhone and it will pop up a menu to let you undo paste. Not just you are allowed to copy & paste text, iPhone 3.0 also lets you copy & paste photos. You can select & copy multiple photos and send them via email.

You can check out the iPhone 3.0 Preview presentation below about copy and paste application. If you like to download iPhone OS 3.0 Beta firmware, you can download via bitorrent link here.