Beejive Inc has released an update for BeejiveIM, which is by far the best IM application for iPhone. BeejiveIM 2.1 adds the support of Facebook IM and wallpaper selection for chat. Last time, i revewied about BeejiveIM and how to use it, you can download the BeejiveIM .ipa file here.

Support Facebook IM

You can log with your Facebook account, see who’s online and chat with your Facebook buddies directly. BeejiveIM also allow you to change your profile pictures and update status. To add your Facebook into BeejiveIM, simply go to “Accounts” and tap “+” button. You’ll see a “Facebook IM” option. Tap on it and add your Facebook account.

Wallpaper For Chat

You also can custom the background while chatting, BeejiveIM 2.1 lets you select your own wallpaper for the Chat. Simply tap “More” and then “Set Wallpaper”. BeejiveIM will bring up a selection of wallpapers. You can also select a wallpaper from your photo album or simply take a new picture directly.