Couple days ago, Apple has announced iPhone OS 3.0 Beta in a media event. More than 100 new features are developed for this next generation mobile OS. I’m excited about this announcement and it really exceeds my expectation. Let’s jump and see what features will come with iPhone 3.0.

Here there is the big features:

Landscape Keyboard for all applications - Apple listened to us. Landscape keyboard is now available for all iPhone apps including SMS, Notes and Mail apps.

MMS - Personally, I’m not a big fan for MMS. But this is still a big feature. You can send multimedia message via iPhone. The message can include images, voice memo and vcard. But as Apple mentioned, this feature will only come to iPhone 3G.

Spotlight Searching - iPhone 3.0 offers a system wide search and it’s built right into the home screen. The spotlight search can search anything on iPhone including email, contacts, calendar, note, etc.

Copy & Paste Photos - Not just copy & paste text, you can now copy & paste photos. Say, you can select multiple photos, copy them to email and send it out.

Cut, Copy & Paste Text - The most requested feature is finally here. iPhone 3.0 lets you do “Cut, Copy & Paste” system wide, across any applications. You can copy text in email, note, etc. And, you can even copy & paste text in Safari.

Peer-to-Peer Connectivity - Allow two iPhones to discover each other and connect directly over bluetooth. Remember this is not an application but Apple has built this ability into iPhone and lets developers to build on that. By using this feature, iPhone apps can send files over bluetooth or share game data (multi-player games) between iPhones.

Sync Note with iTunes - Finally, you can sync note using iTunes.

Bluetooth A2DP support - With iPhone 3.0, you can listen to stereo music wirelessly by pairing it with A2DP headphones or speakers. This is also available for iPhone 3G only.

Voice Memo App - A new voice memo application will come with iPhone 3.0. This app allows you to record audio and you can send the voice memo via email.

Push Notification - Well, finally iPhone apps can be notified in background. Say, for an Instant messaging application, you will not be notified once you quit the IM app. But with Push Notification on iPhone 3.0, the IM app can push an alert in form of audio, text message or badge to your iPhone in background.

A modified version of Stock App - On top of stock price, you can read news related to a particular stock.

Turn-by-turn Direction - Apple has opened up the opportunity for iPhone developers to build turn-by-turn applications on iPhone.

3G tethering - Use iPhone 3G as a modem and share the Internet connection with your laptop or computers. But Apple mentioned this feature will depend on carrier and may not be available to everyone.

I know you love all the new features and wanna upgrade your iPhone now. However, you’ll need to be patient. iPhone 3.0 is still in beta and will not be available to public until this summer.