Here comes to the last series of iPhone 3.0 coverage. Today, we will go through the rest of great features including Landscape Keyboard, MMS, improved stocks application and text application. And thanks for folks at Engadget, they have created a video that walkthrough all new features in iPhone 3.0 using the iPhone 3.0 beta firmware. To view all new features that will come with iPhone 3.0, check out iPhone OS 3.0 Features.

Multimedia Messaging

I’m not a frequent user of MMS. The feature is definitely not at the top of my iPhone feature wish list. But there are lots of users aspiring to send multimedia message on iPhone. The improved text application on iPhone 3.0 will let you send photos, audio or vcard to your friends, family or co-workers.

Landscape Keyboard

Why can’t I use landscape keyboard for Mail and Notes application? You may probably raise this kind of questions and find it annoying when some iPhone apps do not allow you to type in landscape orientation. From iPhone 3.0 and onwards, all iPhone apps can work with both Portrait and Landscape orientation. The next version of Mail, Notes and text applications will come with the landscape keyboard.

Stocks Application

The Stocks application also gets an update on iPhone 3.0. You can read related news of the companies you keep track with. And, by rotating the iPhone to landscape orientation, Stocks application will show you an enlarged chart for the stock price. Not a big change. But as a frequent user of Stocks app, this already makes a great difference.

Text Application

The Text application will allow you to delete individual text message.

Note Syncing

Finally, iTunes will support note syncing. With iPhone 3.0, you can sync the note using iTunes.

[image via Engadget]