Does Yellowsn0w works for your carrier?

Before you try out guide to unlock iPhone 3G (2.2 firmware) using Yellowsn0w, you probably want to know whether yellowsn0w works for your carrier. iPhone Dev team has published an iPhone 3G unlock report. The report shows the general results of iPhone 3G unlock for different carriers, ranging from carrier in Australia to carrier in Vietnam.

By the time I write this post, based on the user-submitted report, the success rate of iPhone 3G unlock is around 60%. I believe the success rate will be increasing as some users reported that the latest version (v0.9.5) of yellowsn0w works with their choices of carriers, which previously did not work on the older version.

So, in case you fail to unlock the iPhone 3G previously, try out Yellowsn0w 0.95 BETA and check out the iPhone 3G unlock report.


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