Splice comes as a huge convenience for video editors and those who simply love to post videos on the Internet. The iPhone application is rigged with a wide variety of features, allowing you to tinker with a video in every which way possible. You can adjust the sequencing, scoring, add effects and pretty much all of the basic stuff that a video editing program offers. Best of all, your edited videos come out in high definition.

Professional video editors will look for more advanced features, like a comprehensive set of options for displaying text, but they won’t be disappointed with Splice’s capabilities. The interface is very simple, as the features are easy to get familiarized with. Professionals won’t have problems creating a masterpiece out of the iPhone application, while novices shouldn’t take long before they can craft interesting material to place on their social networking accounts.

People who have large amounts of songs stashed on their phone will have a blast with Splice. They have a ton of options to choose from for musical scoring. Creative fellows can also make their own scores with a sound making application, and they can sample existent songs just by rifling through the music tracks on their phone.

Splice is priced at a shade below two bucks, and is compatible with the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch, and the iPad. The operating system requirement is at least iOS 4.2. You can buy and download it by hitting on this iTunes link.