A new jailbreak tool called “Spirit”, developed by Comex. The tool also supports untethered jailbreak for iPod touch, as well as, the iPad using the latest firmwares. The Spirit tool is free for download and supports both Mac & Windows platform. The jailbreak process via Spirit is also simple and straight-forward. By just one-click, it then jailbreaks your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch automatically.

But before you download the tool, please read through the following highlights carefully:

  • Spirit is not a carrier unlock – Don’t mix Spirit with other iPhone unlock tool (e.g. blacksn0w). You can only use Spirit to jailbreak your device. It will not unlock your iPhone.
  • If you are already using a tethered jailbroken iPhone 3GS and want to use Spirit for untethered jailbreak, you will need to restore your device via iTunes. However, if you are using unlocked iPhone 3G or 3GS, do not upgrade to iPhone OS 3.1.3 or else you will lose the unlock. Please stay with iPhone OS 3.1.2 for jailbreaking.
  • Spirit is an untethered jailbreak for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch on the latest firmwares, including firmware 3.1.2, 3.1.3, and the iPad-exclusive 3.2. So, if you are using lower version of firmware (aka iPhone OS), you will need to upgrade your device to the latest firmware version before using Spirit.
  • Spirit does not hacktivate your iPhone. To use it, it expects your device has already been activated. In other words, if your iPhone is stuck at the “Connect to iTunes or Emergency Call screen”, Spirit will not work for you.
  • Make sure you’re using iTunes 9 or up before using Spirit.
To download this jailbreak tool, you can check out from its official website. It’s free for download.