With iPad Camera connection kit, you can import photos and videos from a digital camera or SD card directly to your iPad. The kit also supports most popular photos services including Flickr, MobileMe and others. What’s more, the iPad Camera Connection Kit costs a miserly $29.

The Kit provides two simple ways of importing your photos. One way is use your SD card connector to upload photos via a SD card. The other option is to use the USB connector so that you can connect your camera directly to the iPad. The usage is intuititve – as soon as you plug the connector to your iPad, it opens the photo app and shows the photos on your card. It may take a while for all your photos to show up, so be patient. You can then either choose some photos or all photos to be imported. Further, TidBITS reports that you can use a headset to make VoIP calls over Skype, and that the audio quality is excellent. You can also use a Bluetooth headset with the iPad. See this Demo video.