On my previous post, we have covered push notification issue on iPhone jailbroken. However this fix may not works on iPhone 3G/3GS instead of iPhone 2G. The developer from Pushfix.info has rolled out the PushFix 2.0 that officially fixes the push notification issue on hacktivated iPhone by providing each iPhone device with an unique certificate. But you have to spend about US$5.99 for the certificate to enable it.

Note: Before taking any action, just want to mention here that you're already use blackra1n for jailbreak your iPhone

How To Fix Push Notification Using Push Fix 2.0

1) Purchase the Pushfix certificate from PushFix.info. Make sure you have read through the instruction before you hit the Purchase button.

2) Launch Cydia on your jailbroken iPhone.

3) Tap “Manage” and then tap “Sources”

4) Tap “Add”. Then add the Pushfix source (http://cydia.pushfix.info).

5) Once you have added the repository, go to “Search” and key in “Pushfix” to locate the Pushfix 2.0 package.

6) Select the package (i.e. Pushfix 2.0) and tap “Install” button to install it.

7) After installation, restart your iPhone and it should fix the Push Notification problem. Now, you can install any app with Push Notification support such as Beejive to test out the fix.