iLoader is a fantastic app for the iPhone that allows you to upload multiple photos and videos to your Facebook account. The app is sold at US$1.99 and can currently be found in the “What’s Hot” section of the App store. It offers you additional features for photo editing and uploading. You can add captions and rotate photos as you wish before upload.

For iPhone 3GS user, you can also upload your videos to Facebook with iLoader. Similar to photos, the app lets you add titles and descriptions to your videos. You can also trim and edit videos inside iLoader and play them back before uploading.

You can also “tag” your friends inside the photo and with the “Smart” friends bookmark feature, you can speed up your tagging. Similar to the built-in photo app, you can swipe and pinch your photos for more details within iLoader. Once you are done with all the editing, you can then upload your photos. You can upload either one at a time, entire albums or batch upload selected photos all at once. During upload, there is a progress bar that shows how many pictures are uploaded, the percentage complete of each picture being uploaded and the speed of the upload.

[Images via Ky Tek solutions]

iLoader also offers an offline mode that lets you do everything mentioned above for both photos and videos without an internet connection. You can edit your photos, tag them and prepare your photos/video while offline. iLoader will upload them when iPhone picks up a network connection. The developers of the app promise to roll out a couple of significant updates for the next version. These include video support for 2G and 3G iPhones, download photos from your albums and your friends albums in photos you are tagged in and Watch video tutorial inside iLoader.

This app is well worth the money with US$1.99 only. To download the app, you can simply click this direct iTunes link. Check out the video to see it in action: