Category: Social Networking
Price: $15.99

Size: 0.8 MB

Latest version: 3.0.2

BeejiveIM (pronounced \bē-hīv\ IM) keeps you in touch with your friends on AIM®/MobileMe®, MSN®/Windows Live®, Yahoo!®, GoogleTalk®, MySpace, ICQ® and Jabber... all at the same time, all on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Real-time chats: quick switch between multiple simultaneous chats. Also you can manage your buddy-list, including add/remove, nicknames, groups, block, approve/deny requests.

Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch and minimum requires is iPhone 2.0 software update. You can purchase via iTunes link here or download cracked .ipa file here.

Updated: Download cracked .ipa file here or here for BeejiveIM P version.

Updated: Download cracked .ipa file BeejiveIM version:

Updated: Download cracked .ipa file BeejiveIM 3.1 version: (With Push)


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