This Cydget turns the boring iPhone lock screen into a fish tank with five animated fish swimming around. Before you install this Aquarium Cydget you have to install Cydget apps from Cydia first. Checkout it how to install Cydget here.

The Aquarium cydget is available from Cydia Store for US$1. To install it, just launch cydia and search for Aquarium Cydget. Once installed, you can activate by tapping “Setting” -> “Cydget” -> “Lock Cydget Order” and select “Aquarium”. Now click the Home button and the Aquarium cydget will be loaded in the lock screen.

Cydget is developed the creator of Cydia, Jay Freeman. It provides a comprehensive replacement for Winterboard lock widget, allowing developers and web designer to take control of the lock screen. Developers can make use of Cydget and creates interesting widgets by using either native code or HTML with javascript. As usual, Cydget only works on jailbroken iPhone.


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