If you’re in search of a decent voice recognition application on iPhone, here it is. Dragon Dictation, a popular speech to text software on PC, is now available on iPhone and it’s completely free. Powered by Dragon NaturallySpeaking technology, Dragon Dictation allows you to easily speak and instantly translates the speech to text. As the company claimed, it’s up to 5 times faster than typing on keyboard.

To dictate on iPhone, simply launch the app, tap on the record button and start talking. For punctuation, you need to speak it out (say, period, comma, question mark, etc). When finish, tap the Finish button and the app instantly converts your speech to text. Once your text is recognized, you can send the text to email, text message or copy it to clipboard and later paste it into other applications.

As Tuaw mentioned, the voice recognition process doesn’t actually run on the iPhone. After recording your speech, the app transmits the data to backend processing server where a speech recognition algorithm is run against your data via WiFi or 3G network. The end result is then sent back to iPhone after recognition. Therefore, to use the app, it’s required to have a data connection.

The video you’ll see below demonstrates how great the app is. Even if the app fails to recognize some of the text, the app allows you to use a keyboard to correct it. Dragon Dictation app is now available on US App Store, click here for direct iTunes link for free download.


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