Earlier today it was being reported that Cydia access had been blocked in a few countries. The 3 network over in the UK/Ireland and then China Unicom were reported as not being able to refresh data first mentioned by Steven Troughton Smith a known jailbreak app developer.

Those of you around those areas you can breath easy as it is only an error and the problem is being fixed. Good ol Aunt Tuaw has got the answer:

Auntie is happy to report that the Irish Cydia Blackout of 2010 was, in fact, a mistake. 3 Spokesperson Chris Jones told TUAW that Cydia was blocked in error.

Jones stated that 3 uses 3rd party company Bluecoat to filter their Internet connection for adult content and other objectionable material. “Cydia has been caught in this filter in error,” he told TUAW, “and we are working to resolve this.” The Irish Times tech team got the same explanation.

Auntie doesn’t have a specific time as to when 3 will resolve the issue, but is happy to report that 3 is working on the problem.