Qik is a website that allows you to share video from your mobile device to the internet. You can log into Qik using your Facebook or Twitter account and whenever you upload a video, your followers will be notified. Qik has been available on most of the other mobile platforms but only recently became available to the iPhone.

For first-time user, when you open up the app, you need to sign up for your Qik account. Then you can either link you Facebook and Twitter accounts if you want. I would assume most would want if you were planning to share online. After that, you’re ready to record video and start streaming live video.

The Qik interface is divided into two parts. The top section displays the video camera and the bottom is a chat panel that lets you send text message to your friends or live audiences. By default, the video recorded will be shared publicly. If you choose to keep videos private, the app also provides an option to tag the video as private and upload it to your account. At this point, it is not in your public folder but rather in your private folder. You can then visit the Qik site from within the app and when you click on the video you can choose to “share” it by entering the email of the folks you wish to share with. They will then have access and be able to watch the video.

The Qik app lets you easily post videos to other social network including including Facebook, Twitter, 12seconds.tv, Brightcove, YouTube, Tumblr or Blogger. Before you can share the videos to other social network you have to activate them by supplying the credentials in qik.com via “Edit Network” option.

Overall, Qik is a great app and it’s free for download in this direct iTunes link in App Store. If you don’t want to miss any precious moment and share it with your friends, go ahead and install Qik on iPhone.