Last time, we have covered that the Fring is the first app in the world which could make a video calls over internet. Now, Fring has released a new version and allows you to make video/voice calls over 3G. According to Fring, Apple’s software development kit now permits VOIP (short for Voice Over Internet Protocol) calls over the 3G networks. The change of license agreement has also been confirmed by Apple.

With the change of the license agreement, you’ll see more and more VOIP applications that lets you make calls over 3G network. Fring is just one of them. Earlier, Apple also approved an iPhone app called "iCall" that lets you do VOIP calls on 3G. Later, you should see another popular VOIP applications – Skype to bring us calls over 3G.

You can make unlimited calls (provided that you get unlimited data plan) without using up their monthly allocation of minutes. On top of that, if you used to talk to friends in other countries, ask them to use Fring (or other VOIP apps with 3G support) and you can make the long-distance calls for free.

Simply go App Store to download it or you can just click on in this direct iTunes link to get one. It’s completely free. If you already have Fring on iPhone, you do not need to anything. Just make calls over 3G, it should already work. Check out the video below: