Customizing the lock screen by installing widgets is quite popular these days. With the introduction of Cydget, which allows developers and web designer to take control of the lock screen, there is a lot widgets come out on Cydia right now. Just do a simple search in cydia with the term “cydget”, you should find lots of cydget-enabled widgets available for download. One of the useful widget is Fast Reader.

Note: Before your install Fast Reader widget, you should install Cydget first Via Cydia. Checkout here on how to install Cydget.

Fast Reader is a cydget that lets you read RSS feeds directly from lock screen. You’re allowed to add your own feeds or templates like Google News. Simply tap on the feed item and it’ll launch Safari to show you the item details. Fast Reader is highly configurable with a detailed setting screen for you to customize your own RSS feed. You can also set the cache time. Add Twitter Search feed or Google News Search.

Understand that some cydgets are pretty slow, however, it’s not the case for Fast Reader. It’s really fast and would not slow you down from unlocking the iPhone. Talking about the battery consumption, Fast Reader only uses up battery when it’s invoked. It doesn’t perform background sync. So, the battery consumption is very minimal.

Fast Reader is a cydia application and available via cydia store for US$1.99. If you like to transform your iPhone lcok screen to a RSS Reader.

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