Most of you rely on iTunes to sync the photos from iPhone to your PC/Mac via the dock or USB cable. There is alternative way to transfer photos wirelessly instead of using USB cable. With a sleek and simple interface, WiFiPhoto app lets you transfer photos from iPhone to your computer wirelessly. No docking or USB cable. It offers the easiest way to download full resolution photos from your camera roll or photo library over WiFi network. You are offered with options to download the photos one at a time or a compressed archive of all photos.

How To Use WiFiPhoto

To transfer photos, simply launch the app and tap the “+” button. Pick the photos you would like download and tap “Done”. In main screen of WiFiPhoto, you should see those photos you have just selected. To download the photo, launch the browser on your computer and connect to the URL as suggested by WiFiPhoto. For example, for the sample picture below, point your browser to

Once connected, WiFiPhoto will show you a gallery of the selected pictures for download. The app supports nearly all common browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome.

WiFiPhoto offers multiple option via a configuration screen for you to customize. You can choose a different server port and enable the app to work over cellular data network, which is disabled by default. Depending your preference, you can also control the image quality for download. But remember , the higher the quality, the larger is the file size. The latest update of WiFiPhoto even includes the possibility to watch slideshows on TV screens connected to game consoles.

Check out the video and see it in action:

WiFiPhoto is now available on App Store for for US$0.99. For just one dollar, you can power the iPhone to transfer photos wirelessly. You can purchased via direct iTunes link here.

NOTE: For those using jailbroken iPhone, you can also use SSH to transfer any file over WiFi network easily. Check out this post for further instruction.