The MobileLog 3.0 Call and SMS Manager complements the iPhone standard application to manage incoming and outgoing calls and SMS. Practical design and user friendly interface make this application extremely popular among iPhone users. This component is of particular benefit not only to those who use the iPhone both for business and private purposes and maintain a large number of contacts, but also to

regular users. MobileLog 3.0 offers new useful functions that are not available in the standard application:

  • History of incoming and outgoing calls without limitation (only the last 100
    calls are shown on your iPhone by default);
  • Grouping of incoming and outgoing calls by contact/person;
  • Tracking of an individual call duration;
  • Viewing of total number of calls and their duration;
  • Viewing of an incoming and outgoing call duration by contact/person;
  • Possibility to remove a record of a single call.
  • Viewing incoming and outgoing SMS.
  • Possibility to remove a single SMS.
  • Notification functionality for missed calls and SMS.
  • Download MobileLog 3.0 Cracked HERE
  • Rename the downloaded deb to log.deb
  • Copy the file to var/mobile on your iphone
  • Open up mobile terminal and do the following
  • Type in su (press return)
  • Type in alpine (press return)
  • Type in dpkg -i log.deb (press return)
  • Reboot or Respring and enjoy
Alternate Ways To Install:
Ssh your iPhone. You may see instruction on how to ssh your iPhone. And make a folder called AutoInstall in/var/root/Media/Cydia/ so you have /var/root/Media/Cydia/AutoInstall which is case sensitive and drop this debs file in the autoinstall folder, respring and reboot your iPhone.


Auto Installation Using i-FunBox

You may click here for easy way of auto installation using i-FunBox. Just use your USB cable!