If you have purchased an application on iPhone. When you’re back home, you put the iPhone into the dock or plug it via USB cable and sync it with iTunes. You expect iTunes take care everything and sync all data including the application you have just purchased from iPhone to your computer. However, in some rare occasions, iTunes doesn’t work as expected. It just can’t sync the app from iPhone to iTunes.

Or one day, your computer is crashed and you lose all data including all the paid iPhone applications or songs purchased via iTunes store. Now, your iPhone is the only place containing those paid apps and songs. Is there any way to transfer them back to iTunes of another computer?

If you encounter these situations, try to use “Transfer Purchase” feature on iTunes.

1. First, connect your iPhone with the computer as usual

2. Launch iTunes

3. Right-click on your iPhone and select “Transfer Purchases”. iTunes will then start to transfer all the purchased applications from iPhone.

4. Wait until the transfer process completes and go to the “Applications” tab. You should find the application there

Furthermore, if you normally sync applications to your iPhone from one computer and then connect it to iTunes on another computer, iTunes will not sync applications from that iTunes library. In this case, you can also use the above method to transfer paid applications.