Reported by Boy Genius Report who said they got the tips from a “reliable source”, the upcoming version of iTunes (i.e. iTunes 9) will come with some exciting features including the support of Blu-ray support, a new way to organize & rearrange iPhone applications within iTunes, as well as, the social integration of Twitter & Facebook (may also include

All the features are not confirmed by Apple but all look very promising. Blu-ray has been around for quite a while and there is a rumor Apple will renew its iMac series to bundle Blu-ray drive. The support of Blu-ray in iTunes 9 seems like to align with the release of new iMac.

The next feature is more compelling for iPhone users. iTunes 9 will debut a new way to let iPhone user to organize & rearrange iPhone application within iTunes. As you download more applications to iPhone, you’ll find it more difficult to arrange. Say, you have ten pages of iPhone apps, you should know that’s not easy to move an application from page 10 back to page 1. Despite there is no details given by Boy Genius Report how this feature looks like, you can check out the below concept video to see how it works:

The integration with Facebook, Twitter and possibly will make iTunes more social. iTunes 9 will allow user to broadcast the currently playing songs by updating the Facebook status or sending an update to Twitter. This make me think of Live Messenger and Yahoo Messenger which already show your currently playing song in Windows Media player. But Techcrunch added that Apple may include the link of that song to let your friends to buy it directly on iTunes store.