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Price: $1.99

Size: 1.3 MB

Latest version: 1.1Patched

Convertbot is a unit conversion robot. Convert currency, length, mass, time and much more in an exciting new way! Converting numbers will never again be a mundane task. In addition to its innovative interface, our robot is smart enough to convert to and from mixed units. Conversion Categories (over 300 different Units supported):

✓ Angles:
✓ Area:
✓ Currency: (Updated on application launch. Requires internet connection. Over a hundred different currencies available)
✓ Data Size:
✓ Force:
✓ Fuel:
✓ Length:
✓ Mass:
✓ Power:
✓ Pressure:
✓ Radioactivity:
✓ SI Prefixes:
✓ Speed:
✓ Temperature:
✓ Time:
✓ Typography:
✓ Volume:
✓ Work:

For more information, visit for a full listing of units supported. Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch and minimum requires is iPhone 2.0 software update. You can purchase via iTunes link or download cracked .ipa file code: