Yahoo released an iPhone version of Yahoo! Messenger on App Store. If you rely heavily on Yahoo! Messenger, you can now stay in touch with your friend and send instant messages on-the-go using this free iPhone application. And probably, this can save you SMS cost.

This instant messaging application comes with all basic features:

  • Send text messages with emotion icons or URL between friends
  • Share photos with your buddies - You can take a photo using the built-in camera or select a photo from photo album and send it to your friend
  • Support different status as available, busy or invisible
  • Set custom text message for all your friends to see
  • Send free text message to your friend’s mobile

What if you got a call? How does Yahoo Messenger handle it? Quoted from Yahoo! Messenger Blog, the IM will automatically switched to IDLE state but will pick up where you left off:

If you have to leave the app for whatever reason, like a call comes in or you click a link in an IM that takes you to Safari, the Yahoo! Messenger for iPhone app will keep you signed in but change your status to idle. That way you can continue to receive messages and provided you return to the app within ten minutes, pick up where you left off.

To learn more about Yahoo! Messenger, check out the below video:

Yahoo! Messenger for the iPhone demo video from Yahoo! Messenger on Vimeo.

Yahoo! Messenger for iPhone is currently available on App Store. It’s a completely free application and you can download it via this direct iTunes link. If you're not a Yahoo IM user? You may want to check out BeejiveIM that supports nearly all kinds of Instant Messaging clients (e.g. MSN, AOL, Yahoo, etc).


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