Get ready to upgrade your iOS device?..It is now available to download. Apple has officially released the iOS 5, the latest version of mobile operating system with over 200 features. If you own an iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod touch or iPad you’ll love the upgrade.

If you’re Twitter addicts, the iOS 5 is now tightly integrated with Twitter and you can easily tweet your stuffs from Camera, Photos, Maps, Safari and YouTube. If you find it difficult to use the touch button to take picture, iOS 5 lets you shoot a photo by using the volume-up button. For iPad user, on the top of the features just mentioned, you’ll also love the redesigned music, the support of multitasking gestures and split keyboard.

To upgrade to iOS 5, make sure you’re using iTunes 10.5. Like any iOS upgrade, you can simply plug your iPhone or iPad to computer and upgrade it via iTunes. Alternatively, you can also download the firmware via the following download links and restore it from iTunes: