The mobile Safari does a great job and makes web surfing fun and easy. That said, you may want other browsing options. Just do a simple search for “browser” in App Store, you’ll find ample of safari-alternatives available for download. You may already use one of the alternative browsers on your iPhone to browse the web. You love the browser and really want to stick with it. However, when someone sends you an email with a link in it, you can’t use your favorite browser to open the URL. When you tap on the link, it’s still Safari that loads the web page for you.

So, how can you change the default web browser to your favorite on iPhone? As of now, Apple does not allow you to do so. It only allows you to change the default search engine but there is no way to alter the default browser. With a jailbroken iPhone, however, you can utilize a hack called Browser Changer to set your favorite browser as the default.

Simply launch Cydia and search for Browser Changer. The hack is completely free and you can just tap the “Install” button to install it. Once installed, you can go to Settings > BrowserChanger to configure it.

The Browser Changer is enabled by default. Just tap on Selected Browser to select the browser you want to set as the default one. The hack supports 15 different browsers in total such as 360 web browser, Atomic, iCab Mobile, Mercury Pro, Opera Mini, Skyfire, etc.