Apparently you do not want to share your own iTunes library with others. You want to keep your own library and create a new one for other users. There is a hidden feature that you may not know. iTunes does allow you to create separate library for individual user. Just hold down the Option key (for Mac User / Alt key (for Windows user) each time you launch iTunes. You’ll then be prompted with options to create a new iTunes library or choose an existing iTunes library.

Let’s say you’re now sharing the computer with your mum and dad. Simply select the “Create Library…” option and create a new library for your mum. Do the same procedures again to create the library for your dad as well.

Later when your dad needs to use iTunes, tell him to hold down the option key (for Mac) or Alt key (for Windows) when launching iTunes. Then select the “Choose Library…” option and select his own iTunes library folder.

By using this technique, each of you can keep music, movies or apps in a separate iTunes library. You can have a complete control of your own library. You can add/delete music or sync your iPhone without affecting other’s iTunes library. But please note that this method only works on iTunes 9.2 or up.

If you want switch your iTunes library to you new computer you may check it out here.