With PressReader 2.2, the dailies won’t ever be old news. You can simply switch on the iPad application and indulge on today’s happenings. PressReader 2.2, upon receiving upgrades from its previous versions, makes reading the news an even easier experience. Navigating through the paper’s various sections is easy, as you scroll through from the front page to the Sports section. In truth, it’s even simpler to read compared to an actual newspaper. You can do away with turning the large pages, while you jump from one section to another.

Press Reader has several new features. Now it has a Library Shelf feature which appears like a newsstand. You have the option of picking from a wide variety of newspapers, giving you a clear picture of what’s happening all over the world. It automatically removes stored newspapers from the iPad’s database, to free up memory space. If you have a knack for storing old news, however, you can simply switch off the feature.

Press Reader 2.2 also features newspaper printing and quick messaging and news sharing on Facebook. Traditional folks who prefer the novelty of reading an actual newspaper can simply print all of the publications that they read regularly. Socially responsible folks, on the other hand, can alert their friends about certain reports via their social networking accounts.

Perhaps the best thing about this iPad application is it’s free. It is also compatible with the iPhone and the iPod Touch, running on at least iOS 3.1.2. You can download it through this via direct iTunes link.