Developed by Teck Chia, Flora Sun and Tim Wuu, OpenAppMkt is a piece of smart thinking and quick implementation. And the best part - though Apple will hate it, it has no control over it. Similar to App Store & Cydia, OpenAppMkt offers both free and paid apps, albeit – only those which run within the Safari browser.

The Installation f OpenAppMkt is easy and quick – just visit the OpenAppMkt website and follow the onscreen instructions. It creates an OpenAppMkt icon on your iPhone’s home screen. Bear in mind, that when you download an app through OpenAppMkt, it actually doesn’t install anything on your phone, it merely creates a Safari bookmark on your homescreen.

As a developer, you can get your app listed on OpenAppMkt for free. However, developers who sell paid web apps will need to share 20 percent of their revenues with the founders. Chia insists that many iOS apps on the iTunes App Store are actually built with HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS and then compiled into an app before being sent to the iTunes Store for sale or download.

Here’s a video of the OpenAppMkt app in action.