Sometime users had a problem with cydia crashed every time they launch after jailbreak. one of the solution is to go through the whole jailbreak process again and re-install Cydia. But this is consume more time however. According by iPhoneDownloadBlog, the crash issue is due to some corrupted repositories. Here is the best solution to overcome this problem.

1. Install and launch iPhone Explorer, or use SSH (Cyberduck for Mac or WinSCP for Windows) .You can checkout my tutorial here on how to SSH for Windows.

2. Navigate to /var/lib/apt/lists and delete all files under this folder except the “partial” folder.

3. Navigate to /var/lib/dpkg/updates. Remove any files inside this folder.

4. Reboot your iPhone. Once boot up, you should be able to launch Cydia properly.

May this short tips works for you. Good luck!