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Apple introduced the first version of iPhone 2G in June 2007. In June 2008, Apple continued to amaze everyone with the second generation of iPhone called iPhone 3G that supports faster 3G data speed and GPS. A year later, also in June, Apple launched the iPhone 3GS with better performance, high-resolution camera, digital compass and video capability.

Base on the release trend, it’s very likely Apple will show off the iPhone 4G in the coming June. Over the past months, there are rumors circulated around the blogsphere speculating the release and the upcoming feature of the 4th generation iPhone.

Dual Processor, OLED screen and Video Chat

Earlier this week, The Korea Times reported an exclusive local partner of Apple planned to sell an upgraded version of iPhone that will have an OLED screen and video chat support, as well as, dual core processor.

If the source is true, it’s cool to have live video and a dual processor will probably mean that the support of multitasking will feature in iPhone 4G. Surprisingly, the report also mentioned about removable battery. However, with reference to the usual practice of Apple, it’s unlikely we’ll see the removable battery.

5MP Camera and possibly with touch sensitive casing

According to an interview with Goldman Sachs’ analyst from Bloomberg, the new iPhone will feature a 5MP camera and possibly a touch sensitive casing, similar to Apple’s Magic mouse.

Camera Flash

As reported by Apple Insider, the new iPhone may equip with a LED camera flash

iPhone OS 4.0

CNet reports it has received an email from a prominent developer implying that Apple may have already released an early version of iPhone 4.0 to selected developers and probably on its way to a public release later this year.

We do not have any information about the new features of iPhone 4.0. But as circulated around the blogsphere, it’s likely Apple will let you add contacts to the home screen.