Zodttd has done it once again and this time game emulation on the iphone will never be the same. Nes4iPhone is a new nintendo emulator for the iphone and no it is not just another simple emulator.

Features include:
- WiiMote support via BlueTooth capable devices!
- Fast assembly CPU emulation!
- Download to the ROMs directory within the app!
- Portrait and landscape support.
- Controller overlays are able to be skinned.
- Save states!
- Smoothed scaling options.
- It’s FAST and it works great on both 2.2.1 and 3.x firmwares

Note: Trial times out after 2 minutes of gameplay.

Check out the video below, yes that is for real you see a wiimote using bluetooth connectivity controlling the emulator on the iphone. Can you really use your wiimote to play games on your iphone, yep “there’s an app for that”. The only tiny flaw with this app is you have to install it through rockapp which a lot of people don’t like as rockapp conflicts with cydia. For the meant time you can download cracked Nes 3 here.