If you had a attached document via email and your need to sign it before send it back for registration via email again. The problem is, you need to download this attachment and print it out, sign this document and scan it back to computer and email it. This is too painfull for me. I’m sure some of you share the same experience as mine. The whole process is so time consuming especially for those without a printer or scanner at home.

ABJK NewCo, Inc, a startup based in Austin TX, has released an iPhone app named"Zosh" to free you from all these hassles. No more printing or scanning .Simply sign your document right from your iPhone and then send it back right away.

Zosh lets you fill in PDF document. Insert text, date and signature using its built-in signature tool. Basically, when you receive a document from email, simply forward it to Zosh. You can then launch Zosh app, select your document and then sign your name right on the iPhone screen. Once done, Zosh will email back the signed document to you.

The app is simply awesome! You can turnaround any documents that requires your signature in such quick and easy way. However, there is a catch. The current version of Zosh app can support PDF document only. The company is working on the next release to add the support of Word Document. At the mean time, you may need to use some kinds of PDF Converters in order to sign your name for .doc files. Anyhow, it’s still less troublesome than printing and scanning.

Further check out the video to see how it works:

Zosh is now available in App Store for US$2.99. You can click the direct iTunes link to purchase it and sign your document right from your iPhone.