Developed by Laan Labs, iVideoCamera lets iPhone 2G and 3G users record short videos. Of course, for iPhone 3GS, you do not need this app as the default camera app already comes with the video capturing feature.

To capture a video, simply launch the app and tap the big “Record” button to start recording. When finish, tap the “Stop” button to save the video to camera roll. The app also provides you with options to share the video with friends via Facebook or upload it to YouTube/Vimeo. It will soon support Twitter and other social media networks in later update.

iVideoCamera works pretty well but don’t expect it can completely match with the video camera app on iPhone 3GS. This app only allows users to capture videos up to 1 minute in length with fairly low resolution (160×213) and low frame rate (3 frames per second). As mentioned by the company, they are working hard on an update to improve the video quality and frame rate.

Compatible with iPhone and it requires iPhone OS 3.1 or later. For those using the original iPhone 2G and 3G, this app is a great add-on and you can easily powers the iPhone with video capturing ability. iVideoCamera is now available on App Store for US$0.99 only. You can purchase via direct iTunes link OR download cracked .ipa file code:

Other than iVideoCamera, there is another way to capture video on older models of iPhone. By jailbreaking, you can install Cycorder, which is a free video camera app for jailbroken iPhone with even better quality than iVideoCamera. To learn more about Cycorder, you can check the earlier review here.