An iPhone developer, Martthias Rinwald, releases the Bluetooth keyboard driver for jailbroken iPhone that allows iPhone users to use Bluetooth keyboard with the device. As the developer mentioned in the official website of iPhone Bluetooth Driver project,

Foldable, travel-friendly keyboards have been supported for at least a half of a decade by all smartphones, except by the iPhone. That is a shame, as the the iPhone is a compact computer you already carry around.

Why Apple doesn’t allow us to pair iPhone with Bluetooth keyboard? Anyhow, with a jailbroken iPhone and this hack, you can now use an external Bluetooth keyboard with iPhone.

The Bluetooth keyboard driver is based on the BTstack and supports various HID keyboards. Presently, the developer has put up a demo application named “Keyboard Driver Demo” on cydia. It’s free for download and aims to show you how the bluetooth driver works with your bluetooth keyboard. However, there is a restriction of the demo application that it only allows you to use the bluetooth keyboard within the application. Later, the developer will release a full version on cydia store.

To try out the demo application, go to cydia and install the “Bluetooth Keyboard Demo” package. The demo app is very simple. Once launched, it discovers all the Bluetooth keyboard around, lets you connect to it and type! However, make sure you set the Bluetooth keyboard as discoverable (refer to the keyboard manual for details). Otherwise, it will not work!

The driver supports both iPhone 3G and 3GS, as well as, all iPod touch devices with Bluetooth support. For iPhone 2G, as claimed by the developer, it may not work properly.

I’m awaiting the release of full version of the Bluetooth keyboard driver. Pairing iPhone with a real keyboard is really great! By combining a portable Bluetooth keyboard with my iPhone, I can write blog post or take note anytime without carrying the laptop. Apple should consider to bundle this driver in the next iPhone OS update.