LockInfo gives you access to your email, sms, missed calls, voicemails and calendar information right on your lockscreen. LockInfo supports plugins to expand the information that you can add to your lockscreen. There is no Springboard icon, just go to Settings->LockInfo to change settings.

Included plugins are:
- Mail - See your new email senders and subjects on your lockscreen.
- Calendar - See the next few events on your calendar.
- SMS - Get notified when you get a new SMS.
- Phone - Get notified when you miss a call or when someone leaves you a voicemail.
- WeatherIcon - Show the current conditions and forecast for the location configured with your

How To Install LockInfo
Via MobileTerminal

  • Download LockInfo Cracked deb HERE
  • Rename the deb to lock.deb
  • Copy the file to var/mobile on your iPhone
  • Open up mobile terminal on your iPhone and do the following
  • Type in su (press return)
  • Type in alpine (press return)
  • Type in dpkg -i lock.deb (press return)
  • Reboot or respring
Alternate Ways To Install:
Ssh your iPhone. You may see instruction on how to ssh your iPhone. Also you can checkout my post on how to install .deb file via SSH. And make a folder called AutoInstall in/var/root/Media/Cydia/ so you have /var/root/Media/Cydia/AutoInstall which is case sensitive and drop this debs file in the autoinstall folder, respring and reboot your iPhone.

Notes: If you have problem with this .deb file, try to remove it first, install the trial .deb via cydia and install again this .deb file.