iPhone 3GS also comes with some unique features which are not available to the original iPhone models. One of them is the Voice Control that lets you make calls or play music by using your voice. Voice control also works when you’re playing song in iPod app. Say, to check out the name of song that is currently playing, ask your iPhone what song is playing and you’ll hear the answer. It’s a pretty cool feature, though, practically it takes time for iPhone to learn your voice.

But for those still using iPhone 2G or 3G, you’ll probably love to bundle this feature into your iPhone. You can follow this guide to install voice control application on iPhone 2G and 3G. Thanks for those iPhone developers to make Voice Control available on these iPhone models.


  • First, you need a jailbroken iPhone running iPhone 3.0 or latest.
  • Next, your iPhone should have OpenSSH installed. Checkout here on how to install OpenSSH via Cydia.
  • You should know how to transfer file from your computer to iPhone via SSH. If you’re not familiar about it, please check out the SSH tutorial before going deeper.
Install Voice Control App

Step 1. Download the Voice Control App from here. Extract the zipped file and you should get a folder named “Voice Control.app”. (Note: For Mac user, the “.app” extension may be hidden.)

Step 2. Transfer the Voice Control App to your iPhone using SSH and place it under //Applications.

Step 3. Make sure the folder permission is correct. Normally, the folder should be correct after copied. But you can confirm it by right-clicking on “Voice Control.app” folder and select “Info” to verify the folder permission. Make sure the Octal is set to 0755.

Step 4. Restart your iPhone and enjoy.

Once restarted, you’ll see the Voice Control icon on the homescreen. Tap on it to activate the app. The voice control app is not exactly the same as the one on iPhone 3GS. You’ll see a navigation bar at the bottom of the screen with Contacts, iPod and Bookmarks available. To make a call, tap “Contacts” and simply call a name in your contacts. Voice Control recognizes the name and show you the phone number. You can then tap on the number and dial it right away. You can further tap on the “Info” icon on the top-right and fine-tunes the settings of Voice Control.