Custom Firmware Downloads:

iPod Touch 1st Gen 3.1.1 Jailbroken 1gb Partition:

2G iphone 768mb partition, Activated, Unlocked:…cked.part1.rar…cked.part2.rar

2G iphone 768mb Partition, Unactivated, Unlocked:…lock.part1.rar…lock.part2.rar

3G iphone 768mb Partition Activated:…ated.part1.rar…ated.part2.rar

3G iphone UnActivated (For Legit ATT Users) :

Note: DO NOT UPDGRADE IF YOU ARE UNLOCKED USING ULTRASN0W. Make sure if you are using the ultrasn0w unlock you use the correct custom firmware that disables the update to your baseband. Don’t forget that if you use a hacktivated iphone and you are a legit att user you will lose push notifications so make sure you get the right firmware.