Apple releases another beta update for iPhone 3.1 OS. As usual, the update is not for general public but for developer only. With the early access, developers from whenwillapple have found at least two new features in this release:

1. Copy & Paste Support for video
2. Tether data usage

Copy & Paste Support for Video Clip

One of the prominent features in iPhone 3.0 OS is the support of cut, copy & paste across all applications. You can easily copy & paste a portion of text or text with images between applications. Now, the support extends to video. Developers with early access to the beta OS found that you can even copy & paste a full resolution video. Simply tap and hold on any video and select the copy function. Switch to email app and paste it into the email. It seems like there is a file size limit of 15MB. Check out the video to see how it works:

Tethering Data Usage

Another minor tweak, discovered by WhenWillApple, is you can keep track of the tethering data usage. Go to Settings -> General -> Usage and you can see the current tethering data usage. As always, Apple does not disclose the exact date of general release to public. But I’ll expect the iPhone 3.1 OS will be released in Aug/Sep.