iPhone 3GS has come with some minor but nice touches. One of them is the battery percentage switch in Settings that allows you to change the battery life indicator to percentage representation. I’m sure not all of you are using iPhone 3GS or have any plan for the upgrade. But you probably want to use this precise battery meter to show the battery life on iPhone 2G/3G. In this post, I’ll show how you can change the battery indicator to percentage form. This guide is not just designed for iPhone 3GS and it applies to all iPhones (to be exact, jailbroken iPhone).

Show Battery Meter For iPhone 3GS

Go to Settings > General > Usage. You can easily change the battery indicator to percentage by turning ON the “Battery Percentage” option.

Show Battery Meter For iPhone 2G/3G

I wonder why Apple does not release this minor feature to older version of iPhone. But if you have jailbroken iPhone, you can also change to battery percentage with minor tweak. If you haven’t jailbroken your iPhone, you can follow this jailbreak guide for iPhone OS 3.0 (iPhone 2G / iPhone 3G).

Step 1: You have to install SBSettings first via Cydia. Check out my post how to install SBSettings.
Step 2: Once you complete the installation, you can launch SBSettings by swiping across the status bar.

Step 3: Tap “More” button in SBSettings

Step 4: Tap “Extras & Options” and turn ON “Numeric Battery”

Step 5: Click Home button to go back to home screen and you’ll notice that the battery indicator changes to percentage.