Apple also announced an update of MobileMe. The update comes with a number of interesting features. One that is particularly awesome is the “Find My iPhone” function. Apple knows it’s unfortunate for you to misplace your iPhone and so, MobileMe will help you locate it.

If you lose your iPhone, MobileMe can allow you to locate it by using the new “Find My iPhone” feature. Simply access this feature, MobileMe will remotely locate the lost iPhone via its built-in GPS and show you the approximate position on a map.

If your iPhone has been stolen or is picked up by someone. Additionally, MobileMe lets you remotely send a message (say, “Hey, please return the iPhone to me! You’ll be rewarded.”) to the lost iPhone. Other than sending text message, MobileMe also allows you to play a sound on the lost iPhone. So, when you find your iPhone is nearby but you just can’t locate it, this feature may help.

Wipe All iPhone Data

Not everyone are so lucky. You may not be able to get back the lost iPhone, even you try out the above steps. Someone picks up the lost iPhone and probably consider to own it. For the last resort, in order to protect your privacy, MobileMe also offers a Remote Wipe feature that lets you restore the lost iPhone to the factory settings. That means, all your contacts, SMS and other confidential information can be totally removed by using Remote Wipe that prevents the information from being used by strangers.

[Images Via MobileMe]

If you eventually can find the lost iPhone but that was already wiped. You can always restore the data back by sync it with iTunes. For more information about MobileMe and its new features, you can check out the official homepage. It’s not free service. To use the above function and other features offered by MobileMe, you’ll have to pay an annual subscription fee of US$99.