With new iPhone OS 3.0, one of the lack features on iPhone 2G is MMS application, take a look my previous post about iPhone OS 3.0 features comparison between this three apple product. You should know that MMS is not available for iPhone 2G. I love Apple and iPhone but it’s ridiculous that a technologically advanced mobile phone does not come with this common feature that you can easily find on any mobiles from Nokia or Samsung.

Luckily, some iPhone enthusiasts have developed a hack to enable MMS on iPhone 3.0 for iPhone 2G. As always, this tweak is only applicable to those with jailbroken iPhones. Read my instruction here, if you would like to jailbreak your iPhone.

Enable Standard MMS Application

NOTE: If you're already installed SwirlyMMS Application, please remove it first before proceed. It's may cause your Standard MMS not work properly.

NOTE: Please ensure your carrier supports MMS. As far as I know, MMS will not be available for AT&T users until late summer. Also, you may be charged extra for sending MMS. Please further consult your service provider for more information.

Before you perform the below procedures, make sure you have already upgraded to iPhone 3.0 and jailbreak it. Let me emphasize again. This tweak is only applicable to iPhone OS 3.0. If you’re using lower version, please don’t use this package. Otherwise, it may harm your iPhone.

Install ActivateMMS2G Via Cydia

Launch Cydia > Select “Sections” at haptic menu > Select “Messaging” category > and select “ActivateMMS2G” or you can tap “Search” in Cydia and type “Categories” > Select “install” button at the right top and confirm it to install. Once completed, tap on “Reboot Device” to restart your iPhone.

Setting Standard MMS

After restarted, go to Settings -> General -> Network -> Cellular Data Network. You should notice a new MMS setting appears. You're required to fill in the values such as MMSC, proxy etc..For the MMS setting, please consult your carrier/service provider. For example, i attached MMS settings here for T-mobile US user. You have to fill in values provide by your carrier before you can enable MMS.

Tap “Network” to go back and then click Home button to go back to home screen. Power off your iPhone and switch it on again.

How To Use MMS

Once booted up, launch Messages application and you should see a new “camera” icon appeared. Now, you can tap on the icon, select the photo to embed in the message and send it out. Enjoy!