Category: Productivity
Price: $6.99

Size: 1.0 MB
Latest version: 1.1.0

You can “beam” any contact card from your iPhone to any device automatically over SMS or Email. Your new contact does not need a special phone, software or registration and can typically add you to their address book with a single click. You get full tracking, history and no pressure to switch address books. And, just using beamME Pro reduces your petroleum and carbon footprint relative to paper cards.

•Send Any Card from your address book – not just your business card. Have you ever needed to send a personal card, introduce two people to each other, or share your dentist’s contact info? Only beamME Pro makes it this easy.
•Contact Mapping: You can automatically tag every new contact with the place where you met, using the iPhone’s geo-location system – and view that new contact on a map. For your privacy, this information is not shared with others.
•Contact Feeds: View your complete beamME history right inside the app and re-connect anytime at the push of a button.

Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch (2nd generation) and minimum requires is iPhone 2.1 software update. You can purchase via direct iTunes link OR download cracked .ipa file code:


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