A good news for Star Defense cheaters and jailbroken iPhone user. This cheat will patch your current game save data to have 65,535 Credits and 255 Shield Wall of Wallpaper. If your start a new world or try the challenge mode, you can reinstall this package to refill the values.

You need to have the Star Defense installed and launched (start playing the game) once in the first place before install this package. Check out my post here to review and download this cracked .ipa file. Also you may read instruction on how to install cracked .ipa file for iPhone 2.x firmware. Please bear in mind, this package does not support iPhone OS 3.0 beta and/or Icy. This is for Cydia and for 2.x firmware only.

You have to "Add Sources" to you sources in repository for iPhone first in order to install Need For Speed Patch. At "Add" sections you have to enter this address, http://iphone.org.hk/apt/..If you not clear about this you can check out my post on how to add sources via Cydia. If you already added this, ignore this repo and you can proceed to install this package.

Install Star Defense Credit And Wallpaper Patch Via Cydia

Launch Cydia > Select “Sections” at haptic menu > Select “Games” category > and select “Star Defense Credits and Wallpaper” or you can tap “Search” in Cydia and type “Star Defense Credits and Wallpaper” > Select “install” button at the right top and confirm it to install.