Apple released iTunes 8.2 and QuickTime 7.6.2 via Software Update adds support to iPhone OS 3.0. But MuscleNerd one of the members of the iPhone Dev-Team is warning users to avoid installing iTunes 8.2 as it breaks jailbreaking.

MuscleNerd tweeted:

Today’s iTunes 8.2 update changes the way your computer talks to the device. This affects things like QuickPwn and PwnageTool when they try to identify what’s connected. Also, ssh over usb breaks due to same reasons. Fixes are in the works but for now avoid 8.2.

He doesn’t think Apple did this intentionally and is warning users who would like to jailbreak their iPhone to avoid upgrading to iTunes 8.2 until Apple provides a fix. He is also reporting that the changed protocol can be dealt with by making changes to their tools. So you might either need to wait for Apple to provide a fix or Dev Team to provide new versions of their tools.

In case, you have upgraded to iTunes 8.2, he has also provided instructions here to fully uninstall iTunes 8.2 so that you can go back to an older version of iTunes which can be downloaded using this link and Mac version of iTunes 8.1.1 can be downloaded using this link (until it is available).


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