The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) has finally joined the crowd and delivers its own iPhone application. You can now read The Wall Street Journal directly on iPhone and it’s free.

If you’re a regular reader of WSJ, you should know that WSJ requires subscription to access the full content. Normally, you ‘ll need to pay around US$103 per year for the subscription. Wall Street Journal for iPhone, however, lets both iPhone and iPod Touch user to read most contents for free. You do not even need to register an account on What you have to do is to download and install the app on iPhone.

The iPhone app is quite simple and intuitive. Once you launch WSJ, it’ll direct you to “What’s News” that shows you all the latest headlines. You can also find markets news and editor’s picks in the navigation bar. There is also a “More” section that allows you to read news in different categories (e.g. Tech, Business, Careers, etc). WSJ also delivers news in article, video and audio format. What’s more is the WSJ app provides a feature that lets you save any news. So, you can always come back and read those saved news.

The app is completely free. But it comes with a price. You’ll see an annoying banner advertisement (now it goes to Oracle) just right above the navigation buttons on every screen of the app. I love free apps and I have no objection for a free application to place advertisement. But this one is a bit too big and really impact the reading experience. Probably it’s one of the strategies for WSJ and it will soon launch a premium version that is ad-free.

WSJ is now already available on App Store and you can download it via this direct iTunes link. if you want to read those premium content on and avoid subscription, go ahead and download this app.