As reported by Barron, Apple will unveil an updated version of iPhone 3G (let’s call it iPhone 3G Pro) in the coming June. This improved version is speculated to come with higher data transfer speed and video support. And, here is the full feature list quoted from Barron:

* Faster 3G, using the HSUPA standard, versions the current HSDPA.
* Improved graphics.
* Video recording/messaging.
* 16 GB/32 GB memory capacity.
* Possibly thinner.
* $199/$299 price points

It’s also expected that iPhone 3G Pro will be first available on AT&T, followed by other carriers. We have no clues if this is true. As always, before any Apple events, there are a lot of speculations and rumors around. And this will continue to happen, until the event. Let’s wait and see what Apple will surprise in the coming Worldwide Developer Conference, held in June.


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